Yoga and Ayurveda




Ameya Devi has spent her life immersed in Yoga & holistic healing.

Her extensive background includes: Vedic Counselling, Yoga and Ayurveda Consutant, BA Anthropology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga.

This is a unique integrated fusion combining Vedic Counselling with Yoga and Ayurveda to energetically rebalance at a holistic level. She provides guidance to each individual to facilitate a greater sense of mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. These sessions help people transitioning through all phases of life with a greater degree of clarity & resolution.


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2 responses

  1. I have only wonderful things to say about receiving Holistic Integrative Therapy treatments from Cora Ameya of Sattva Holistic. I have been seeking out her consultations regularly throughout the last year and she has helped me tremendously work out difficult emotional and health related knots with her deep and profound insights.

    She has helped me both navigate through turbulent situations, empowering me with vital advice and also given me broader outlook and perspective on important long term life choices I needed to make (leaving a job, location of a new home, love troubles, health issues such as liver problems and rosacea and many other confusions). I have always taken from our consultations a deep sense of peace and clarity. Her words, holistic knowledge and wise suggestions resonate profoundly and always make me feel stronger and healthier. She truly has a healing and intuitive gift! I warmly recommend her unique and wonderful services to all my friends and family.

  2. Ameya’s Spiritual readings are loving, pure, honest and direct – thank God! She is a straight shooter 🙂 Ameya doesn’t mess around! I love this about her.
    Our initial reading revealed to me it was time to let go of several long-term support systems that no longer served me. I was apprehensive about letting them go even though I knew I heard the truth. Over the next week I received many Spiritual messages confirming Ameya’s reading and assurances that I would be Spiritually supported through the process. And I was – beautifully so!
    Releasing these systems changed the course of my life. My intuition is now my primary guide and a whole new world is opening up to me. I am very grateful to Ameya. Love you!

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