The Journey Towards Freedom

“Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey to the ocean of meanings…. Leave and don’t look away from the sun as you go, in whose light you’re sometimes crescent, sometimes full.” Rumi


I wrote this excerpt as part of The Path of The Unconventional, however due to the overall length of the entire blog, I decided to post it separately. Although, this blog is a component of living an unconventional lifestyle, challenging the ‘norms’ that we are all conditioned to accept, and to at least attempt to live a life that gives us greater meaning and fulfillment. Thus, to really make choices that facilitate this transition towards living a life of greater resonance with who we are, does not actually require one to be independently wealthy or even have that much financial stability. All that it requires is to have the focus, drive, and patience to strive for what we are seeking. In my own life I know this to be a reality, as I have been able to travelled extensively and educated myself in various fields, completely on my own with my own limited income. In life, there is both self-will and a deterministic component to life, governed by karma. Yet, we still have some aspect of free will to assert within the realm of our daily lives; to improve our inner being and to strive towards living the life that will inevitable fulfill us on a deeper level. “Destiny can be changed through austerities and spiritual practices”. Amma

To really scrutinize the terms of conditioning that we all are bombarded with is extremely important. I mention this point, as my husband and I decided to travel to India for a minimum of 6 months to go to do yoga, spend time in Amritapuri, get Ayurvedic treatments, and spend time on the beaches in Kerala and Goa. However, all of our family members questioned this extended retreat, wondering why we would give up the current life that we are living to go to India for so long.

The main reason behind this trip, comes from the reality that I used to live a life that was steeped in meaning, passion, and community that completely resonated with who I am as a person. To realize that residing in a very exclusive area of the city in which I am currently living, in an extremely beautiful property, and surrounded by very nice furniture and belongings does not bring the contentment or true happiness that I am seeking at this point in my life. Despite having a seemingly lovely lifestyle, its devoid of what I value, it feels sterile and empty. I understand that only true contentment can be found on an inner level and that the external world of objects is not where we will find any lasting peace. One could question the discontent with my current life, as the problem is always on an inner level. However, I strongly feel that we need to trust our guiding instincts that allow us to make the necessary decisions, allowing us to further our inner growth as human beings. After nine years in this city, both my husband and I strongly feel that our time here is now done, thus the transition of travelling and seeking out an external environment more conducive to our spiritual seeking, is what we have chosen to embark upon.

To live the life that you seek, you must be very clear as to what that may entail, as its you who will be living it. “When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. When action come from another section, the feeling disappears.” ~Rumi

Perhaps, because I have lived with very little at certain points in my life and I have  also lived with beautiful materialism; I am able to be detached from the stagnation and trap of desiring and exclusively seeking materialism. The latter statement is a testament of the times we are living, as almost every member of my family and my husbands family are obsessed by materialism; its their god, their one and only true salvation, their only source of real joy, meaning, and status. However, underneath this false reality is a superfluous emptiness and spiritual poverty that is terrifying. To me, it seems ludicrous that anyone will ever find contentment by increasing their level of materialism, yet the entire world is brain washed to believe this fable; a very convenient product of consumerism and the hold that media and endless advertising has on everyone. 

Even though I am not free from the influence of materialism, nor do I condone materialism, I just know that ‘things’ will never bring the true contentment or lasting joy that I seek in life. I choose to live a life of unconventional dharma centered values, to embark on traveling for extended periods of time, and perhaps to move to another country to live. “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” Rumi.

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4 responses

  1. Michael, thank you for your comment! I too feel ‘speechless’, to be honest, yet life is to be lived when you have the ability to live it fully! In this unpredictable life that we are all living, we honestly never know what can happen next. Thus, make the most out of the present moments, rather than live in fear over the future!

  2. Hej Ameya

    Very nice picture and great text. Keep working on your writing. I’m totally sure that your retreat will be great for that.

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