The Holistic Face of Beauty

“Beauty is truths smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.” Rabindranath Tagore

Through the dawn of time or so it seems historically, woman have been adorning themselves in some way that is seen as culturally and socially beautiful. This phenomena can been see throughout the world in every form of organized society that has existed up until our current era. Even the most basic form of social organization finds both men and women highly interested in some physical sense of beautification and individualization to assert who they are and their status in the society. Of course, today we really don’t have as much social demarcation through creating distinct appearances, even more specifically, we could say it appears very shallow and superficial.
However, in my opinion, I would have to say that the current idea of women and beauty is being dominated exclusively by consumerism.

I mention the latter, as I was brought up in a very androgynous sense where my mother was highly opposed to any form of beautification and it was highly criticized in my family. However, at this point in my life I see that the masculine reform of women is a far greater problem and issue than mere beautification of women. I am not directing this discussion towards the idea of gender and gender stereotypes; which does dominate and directly affects the appearances of both men and women to a large extent today.

Moreover, I would like to discuss the simple idea of what constitutes true beauty and what does that appear to be, including various factors of adornment from changing one’s hair color, makeup, or any of the massive number of other avenues of physical ‘beatification’. In addition, my interest is more at a holistic, organic, and natural approach to this topic. As well as, looking at the deeper underlying topic of first having a healthy body through proper dietary adherence to clean, pure, organic foods, and fresh water.

The entire discourse around organic dietary preferences and keeping your body healthy through high quality organic food, super foods, pure fresh water, herbs, and lastly food based supplements is highly important for outer beauty. To truly be beautiful one must resonate a healthy vibrance. Yet, as we all age and don’t take proper care of our bodies through eating a cleansing, nutritious, and vibrant diet, the aging process will be quite apparent. Thus, women succumbed to spending billions of dollars a year on toxic products, procedures, and other harmful treatments all to preserve the inevitable from occurring.  True beauty is not looking a certain way or even having a youthful appearance; its the whole energy, feeling, and look that people embody. 

Most people living a holistic lifestyle, who work on all aspects of themselves and keep a very healthy diet, mental and emotional state, and seek to evolve towards their higher potential in life; all have an energy that is apparent, beautiful, vibrant, and youthful. There is no magic serum or product that can bring about an overall essence of true vitality and energy.

However, most of the women I know in addition to living holistically love their organic products. I too am one of these woman, yet the reason I may appear to look youthful for my age is primarily due to my diet, spiritual focus, and constantly working with my own mental and emotional equilibrium.

Thus, the true essence of beauty is found as we grown and evolve in life, shedding the heaviness of certain patters through a holistic purification brought about through dietary, mental, emotional, and spiritual efforts to reach a higher potential of being in life. This is the life I am living and striving daily to embody, a life that is filled with the essence of true beauty and vitality on all levels of being.

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  1. Sarah, in the social and commercial paradigm of physical beauty perhaps a certain proportion of face and body measurements may constitutive what is seen as ‘beauty’. However, what I am attempting to convey is that the essence of real beauty actual comes from within. I am sure most people have had the experience of meeting an extremely beautiful person at a physical level, yet the persons behaviour or attitude was one that lacked attractiveness. My feeling is that, regardless of how you look physically, if you take care of your body, mind, and inner spiritual self you will resonate much more contentment and joy, which is a highly attractive energy!

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