Vandana Shiva

“Nothing should be able to push human life to indignity, degradation, and extinction. We are being pushed into, and in many places living in, a food fascism. Food has become the place for fascism to act. This fascism is seen where the seed is patented and turned into the monopoly property of a handful of corporations-95 percent of genetically modified (GM) seeds are controlled by one corporation, Monsanto. Monsanto then uses the fictitious democracy that created the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the financial conditionality’s of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to force us to give up our seed freedoms, to give up our biodiversity, and to deny the richness of our resources-reducing us to biodiversity serfs” Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva is one of my greatest mentors, in relation to my interest in exploring the concept of holistic and how we understand our relationship to the food that we are consuming. Through the discourse of her work, she forces us to assume a stance of critical thinking and use our discriminative powers to fully understand the reality of the global food economy and how this impacts every one of us. She presents the reality of food fascism in its most transparent representation of hegemony and domination by corporations like Monsanto. Through her literature, numerous interviews, and lectures she has been advocating seed freedom and biodiversity for over 25 years. Thus, Vandana Shiva is truly a pioneer in this domain of life.

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  1. Hi Ameya – gene modified crops are not legal here. Are they where you live? There was a ban on import on gene modified crops, but I think that ban was lifted, though things are marked. Could it be, that most of the export soybeans are genemodified? Maybe you can tag you post under “Environmental Law” as well? It would be really cool if you could e-mail interview Mrs. Shiva and post it on your blog…

    • Sarah, Thank you for your feedback. In Denmark there must be laws that label GMO, as much of Europe has this legislation in place. I would purchase only organic soy, if you choose to eat tofu or other soy products, as soy is heavily sprayed with pesticides, if its not GM. As for Vandana Shiva, if you go to my Face Book site, Sattva Holistic you will find a few very well done interviews done with her that are excellent!

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