The Biographical Intuition of Being

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.” Albert Einstein 


I am working within the lexicon of blending a lifetime of holistic health knowledge with an intuitive capability. This may sound esoteric and interesting for many people who aspire to perhaps work in a more alternative or holistic way. However, for me I actually tried my very best to escape falling into the ‘intuitive’ categorization. I am sure it did not help having a father who was an academic, in addition to his lack of support in relation to my innate interest of all things holistic and spiritual. Although, despite this fact I still pursued all of my interests with full force and integrity; to fully embody what is most ubiquitousness to who I am today.

 Its one thing to be a holistic health practitioner, like the majority, who focus almost exclusively on the physical body. However, to find yourself implementing an intuitive approach in combination, brings your practice to a whole new level of inquiry, suspicion, and classification. The reality is that there was never a time that I was not intuitive, it has been a reality throughout my entire life, yet it was also something that I shared with very few people outside of my close friends. In addition, my two sisters are also intuitive, with my younger sister being psychic when she was younger. Today, both of my sisters are educated, successful, and homogenized within the frame work of societies ‘norms’, despite their innate intuitive capacity.

 Within the paradigm of ‘holistic’ health modalities, the actual reality is a sterile theoretical system of medicine based on Cartesian dualism, which has infiltrated all systems of holistic medicine that we see being practiced today. Therefore, the physical body is the main point of focus, even those offering a ‘holistic’ approach are almost exclusively working at a physical level. Thus, there has been a segregation between the energetic, emotional, mental, and the physical. Even more interesting is that throughout history, almost all traditional healers spanning numerous cultural ambiances; all utilized some form of intuition, working in a holistic manner, in combination with the theory of their medical medium. In addition, in my training of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I learned very clearly that there were three distinct roots to illness; physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual. Therefore, to be a competent practitioner one must be able to discern which level needs to be addressed, to implement a sense of holistic equilibrium within the patient.

 In my own life, it has taken a long time to overcome the ambivalence around representing myself in a transparent manner, of allowing others to see the strength of my theoretical expertise working in tandem with my intuition. The sense of stigma came from having intellectual parents that encouraged us to be critical thinkers.  In my youth, I had the fortune of living overseas in several countries for six years. During this time, I was able to meet many inspirational, open, and spiritual people who allowed me to trust the spiritual proclivities I had experienced throughout my lifetime. During this time I was very fortunate to study energy medicine,  Yoga (which I started doing as a young girl), and other holistic modalities. This was the first time in my life I could actually be the person I felt myself to be, surrounded by others who knew that this was a reality and accepted. In this time, I went to India each year, four times to study Yoga at the Sivananda Ashram and spent time in North India where I got to meet the Dalai Lama twice, on two separate occasions.

 In essence, in my early 20’s I was living my life as my own authentic self, which would later come crashing down due to chronic health issues from traveling in South East Asia, when I later returned to Canada in 1998 and began a decade of studying numerous ‘proven’ health modalities. This included going back to university as a mature student to get my degree, which I finished in four years with high enough marks and references to do an MA, if I chose that path. After dealing with a chronic health condition I felt disillusioned with who I was as a person, therefore my goal was to become an academic like my father.

 However, during the time I went to University I was still doing a lot of spiritual practice.  When meditating one day, I had a very profound and clear image of myself being able to take someone’s pulse and access information. Of course, at that time I let that profound premonition dissipate and it was not until several years later that suddenly, I remembered. I decided to give it a try, only to find that I was able to access a tremendous amount of information intuitively; all accurate and in-depth.

 For several years I practiced on all of my friends, discovering that the accuracy and profound nature of this work was something so undeniable that I started doing it professionally; something I would have never imagined myself doing as a career. However, after the stigma of being categorize in the psychic realm I decided that merely offering intuitive readings was not the best use of my innate and learned skills. Thus, now I am amalgamating all the knowledge, both theoretical and experiential that I have thus far gained in life, in conjunction with intuition to assist others towards greater health, self empowerment, emotional support, and to assist others in a deeper understanding of crisis or challenging situations.

 It has taken me many years to surrender more and more to the power of what innately fuels me and accept that my life path is a combination of a theoretical holistic approach, paired with a powerful intuition capability. Thus, it has taken me a long time to fully embrace my deepest potential in life and allow myself to practice Holistic Integrative Therapy, which has benefited many friends and clients over the last few years. 

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Vandana Shiva

“Nothing should be able to push human life to indignity, degradation, and extinction. We are being pushed into, and in many places living in, a food fascism. Food has become the place for fascism to act. This fascism is seen where the seed is patented and turned into the monopoly property of a handful of corporations-95 percent of genetically modified (GM) seeds are controlled by one corporation, Monsanto. Monsanto then uses the fictitious democracy that created the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the financial conditionality’s of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to force us to give up our seed freedoms, to give up our biodiversity, and to deny the richness of our resources-reducing us to biodiversity serfs” Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva is one of my greatest mentors, in relation to my interest in exploring the concept of holistic and how we understand our relationship to the food that we are consuming. Through the discourse of her work, she forces us to assume a stance of critical thinking and use our discriminative powers to fully understand the reality of the global food economy and how this impacts every one of us. She presents the reality of food fascism in its most transparent representation of hegemony and domination by corporations like Monsanto. Through her literature, numerous interviews, and lectures she has been advocating seed freedom and biodiversity for over 25 years. Thus, Vandana Shiva is truly a pioneer in this domain of life.

The Perception of Deception – Letting Go

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell


Life is about silently letting go of everything that no longer serves our greatest potential of being. This is one of the most profound and difficult lessons in life, knowing when to let go of all that is holding us back, keeping us stagnant, or bringing us down to a level less than who we truly are. It takes a certain level of strength, negotiation, and discrimination to know exactly what we need to sever out of our lives, when the situation or relationship has served its purpose, no longer benefiting us. This has been a re-occurrent theme throughout my life; letting go of all that I no longer need, as metaphorically the lighter your baggage, the farther you will be able to travel in life. 

The perception of deception is how we deceive ourselves in life, through perceiving situations and people erroneously. However, once we are able to alter our perception through awareness, we ‘wake up’ to the present reality. Recently, this metamorphosis occurred in my own life, as if I had been asleep navigating my way through life, to suddenly ‘wake up’. It seems, through invoking a much greater discriminative power than I previously had access to, I woke up to a very clear and utterly transparent realization of the life I was living. I was starkly confronted with the reality that one cycle of life had been completed, while a very different cycle had begun.

I realized that the liminality of my previous life had come to a closure, leaving me with the assertion that the person I had become was no longer interested in continuing certain patterns that I had previous enacted. These areas encompassed dynamics with certain friends and family. Although, most of the acute realizations had been within my barometer of awareness for a very long time. Such as, how my family had bestowed certain ascribed attributes upon me as an indicator of who I was suppose to be, which is one of the most common familial practices. However, within the jurisdiction of my family allotting a sense of identity upon me – was akin to becoming a deterministic prisoner to a persona – completely irrelevant to who I am. Like many familial practice, the identity ascribed to me represented the abject of a complete stranger; someone I had never been, nor will ever be. 

Moreover, I refuse to allows others to dictate who I am supposed to be. This is primarily due to the very fact that I see my life as my own, not trapped by the limitations imposed on me by family or anyone else. It takes a certain degree of critical thinking and discrimination to understand the mechanisms of entrapment, which exist in everyone’s lives, in various forms. In my own life, I have never easily submitted to others attempts of trying to control, manipulate, or limit me through their own issues. Even though, I have always been aware that such patterns were taking place with certain individuals. However, at this juncture in my life I fully realize that I would rather not engage with such individuals, regardless of who they are. Thus, it is in my best interest to save my energy for more productive pursuits.

In essence, perhaps this ‘wake up’ was really a coming home to myself through the deeper sense of self-empowerment that I feel. Even though, it has taken until now to reach this destination of strength and discrimination; to clearly, rationally, and calmly see what is beneficial to me and what is not. Hence, as we grow through the experiential reality of life, there will always be revelations of small ‘truths’ along the way. Inevitably, life forces us to learn detachment through infinite lessons in letting go of all that no longer serves us any longer, thus providing a lighter journey forward.

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