Urban Foraging For Pure Living Water

“When you drink the water, remember the spring.” Chinese Proverb


Similar to many people reading this who live in an urban setting, city living seems a challenging place to find oneself when it comes to seriously embodying a holistic lifestyle. In my case, I live in a small city that allows for me to experience the ambient vibrance of urban living, which I actually prefer to small town rural living. In addition, I have access to some serious, exciting, and adventure filled urban foraging for locally grown organic food and extremely pure spring water sourced directly from the spring.This weekend is an example of how I attempt to embody a healthy lifestyle through the most vibrant and politically astute food choices, such as locally grown organic food, as well as searching out the highest quality water source that exists. In my opinion the food you eat is obviously highly important, as my husband and I venture to our local farmers market every Saturday to replenish our ladders with organic and biodynamic food choices from our local farmers.

However, in many ways the quality of water you consume is one of the most important aspects being physically healthy, as water is essential to human life. I mention this fact, since our body is composed of around 60% water and all of our cells need water to function properly. Water is involved in most body functions, regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body, moistening oxygen for breathing and helping the body absorb and synthesized essential nutrients. Our bodies need a certain amount of water intake on a daily basis to function appropriately to detoxify our bodies and fuel our body.

The percentage of water making up tissues, organs, fluids and bone in the human body: Brain 75%, Heart 75%, Lungs 86%, Muscle 75%, Liver 85%, Kidney 83%, Bone 22%, Blood 83%, Saliva 95%, Perspiration 95%. Therefore, given these statistics its important to consume a high quality source of water.There is a tremendous amount of hype around alkaline, structured, and ionized water, which I have consumed for years from such filters as Kangen, and many other high quality alkaline water filters. I must admit that in the beginning I did notice certain health benefits, yet the longer I consumed the alkaline water, the more my body seemed to become imbalanced and seemed to lack vitality.

Eventually, my husband and I decided to go directly to a local spring and collect our own water, which has quickly become one of the most beneficial adjunct to our healthy lifestyle.Today we took a drive to North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley, which is a weekly outing for us to acquire some of the purest water you can find, directly from the spring itself. The water source is an underground artisan spring that has been tested several times by three independent labs, proving that this water source is 100% pure, there was absolutely zero trace of any contamination, which is quite different from any above ground water sources. This water has over 90 different minerals, is alkaline, ionized, and comes from the depth of nature.  The spring is a central location for people from all over the city, many who drive great distances to acquire this amazingly pure water.

You may think that these people are earth conscious types, but they are not, of course, there are always a few, yet the majority of people are just normal people who want pure water, simple as that. Its a place of socializing while you fill your water and a place where people are dedicated to the preservation and protection of continually having access to this water source. I have meant numerous people who have been drinking water from this water source for over 20years. Through our weekly urban foraging adventure, my husband and I find we really enjoy our lives to a much greater degree, from being a part of the farmers market movement by supporting the local organic farmers, as well as getting our water from a pristine water source. We can rest assured that we are not only contributing to the greater community, but also to a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.

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  1. Wonderful blog post! It is interesting and unfortunate (IMHO), but the alkaline water thing really will show in the long term not to be what it has been hyped to be. Platinum levels it brings into the body will prove to be an issue, from the plates it uses to alkalize the water.

    Keep rockin’ the posts, Ameya!

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